Sunday, June 7, 2009


This was the first time I ever did a book challenge, my first time blogging, and I had the best time. I loved chatting to others and seeing what they were reading--but there goes my TBR list multiplying again!! I already listed my stats as: 20 books read, 39 hours reading/blogging, and 4090 pages read. I was very lucky that I had a very supportive family who just let me do my thing this weekend. I had such a great time and I hope to keep in touch with some of you and hope to do this again.

Hours and pages

So my totals are : 20 books, 4090 pages, and 39 hours

What a weekend!


Just finished my 48 hours--what an experience! I need to blog about my last 6 books:

I read Stargirl and Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinnelli. I am a big Spinelli fan and I had wanted to read both of these, because I knew my 5th and 6th graders have read these or want to read them. Stargirl is such a different teenager--so unique and her relationships with people are heartfelt. The sequel written in letter/journal style was just as entertaining. Written from Stargirl's perspective to Leo.

My Name is Sally Little Soon was read by recommendation and I have to say that I enjoyed this story about slaves escaping to join the Seminole Indians in Florida.

Lost Boy had captivating beginning. This story is about a new kid in town in Wales and how he is fitting in and the visions that he has.

One-Handed Catch is bout a young boy who loves to play baseball, but then he has a terrible accident at his father's store and learns to overcome his disability.

Last, was Rainmaker. This takes place in drought-ridden Florida. Townspeople get together to bring in a rainmaker to save their crops and town. The rainmaker is a little old lady who can't hear and doesn't seem able to help herself, let alone the town.

So my total is 20 books. I need to add pages and time now.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

3 more down

This has been such a great weekend to focus so much time on just reading--all those books that I have wanted to readd, had sitting around, and the ones people suggested to me during the past 2 weeks when I told them I was doing this challenege.

I read Someone Named Eva which was a about a young Czech girl who was turned into one of Aryan nation by the Nazis and is in danger of losing her identity completely. This was very good.

The Sacrifice was about the Salem witch trials, focusing mainly on one family and how they were impacted. This was another good recommendation from our school librarian.

Leepike Ridge is one that I normally wouldn't have read, but I included it in my stack that I was picking up. The cover is quirky and such a great perspective. The story was about a strange house, a mom and son, with the son going missing, and then treasure hunting. A hodgepodge of a story.

Well, back to reading. I hope to knock off 3 more before I go to sleep for a few hours.
Just finished 3 more--I definitely feel that I am slowing down a bit today after just 3 hrs. of sleep. I also went out to the farmstand to pick up some fresh vegetables and then just had to stop off at Keepsake Quilting's giant tent sale!! Just another obsession of mine!

Anyway, A Mango-Shaped Space was excellent. A young girl sees colors and shapes for sounds and numbers and letters. Again, about relationships and death, I guess I picked several with similar themes, but this book was very different and the first that I've read by wendy Mass.

I found The Mailbox to be very haunting--not scary at all--just a page-turner to see what happens to Gabe after his uncle dies.

Cornelia and the Audacious Escapades of the Somerset Sisters was definitely fun and had great stories throughout the novel.

Still Going!!

Took a 3 hr. nap and woke up to finish another book. Sand Dollar Summer by Kimberly Jones was a good summer read about a young girl and how she deals with living and dying.

Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree by Lauren Tarshis was a quirky story of a bright, young girl trying to handle everyone's problems for them.

Project Mulberry is about a girl and boy doing a science project together amidst American/Korean lifestyles.

Runner by Robert Newton is about a young boy who is running out of the slums for a crime boss to help his mom and brother. Then he decides to run for himself.

Friday, June 5, 2009

time for sleep

Been reading since 4:10 and just finished 3 more books. Will discuss them in a few hours--need some sleep......