Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Blogging Without Training Wheels

This week is my first attempt at blogging. I am a newbie, a novice, a prospector on the precipice of cyberspace! So many have gone before me, I know, but I am the "Blogger Without Training Wheels"! Can I do this without an instruction manual? Without a tutorial? Without my son or daughter showing me the way? I am someone who has rarely kept a journal--much too fussy for this anal person; and, in many ways, this seems suspiciously like a new age journal, but with comments posted like my conscience speaking to me.

I used to have pen pals (does that date me?} in England and in Canada. I can remember being so excited when I received a letter from one of them (back when postage was very affordable), reading and rereading the letter, saving the colorful stamps for my collection, and immediately writing back. The wait for each letter was interminable, hence the "snail mail" terminology. Blogging seems to be corresponding with innumerable pen pals with letters being received at the speed of light! A million fireflies... blog, blog,blog,blog,blog!

I look forward to hearing from my cyber-consciences, but I am tentative with my typing--afraid that this blogging will join my freecell addiction, and my sudoku addiction, and my reading addiction. Is there a Bloggers Anonymous for obsessive bloggers?

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