Sunday, June 7, 2009


Just finished my 48 hours--what an experience! I need to blog about my last 6 books:

I read Stargirl and Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinnelli. I am a big Spinelli fan and I had wanted to read both of these, because I knew my 5th and 6th graders have read these or want to read them. Stargirl is such a different teenager--so unique and her relationships with people are heartfelt. The sequel written in letter/journal style was just as entertaining. Written from Stargirl's perspective to Leo.

My Name is Sally Little Soon was read by recommendation and I have to say that I enjoyed this story about slaves escaping to join the Seminole Indians in Florida.

Lost Boy had captivating beginning. This story is about a new kid in town in Wales and how he is fitting in and the visions that he has.

One-Handed Catch is bout a young boy who loves to play baseball, but then he has a terrible accident at his father's store and learns to overcome his disability.

Last, was Rainmaker. This takes place in drought-ridden Florida. Townspeople get together to bring in a rainmaker to save their crops and town. The rainmaker is a little old lady who can't hear and doesn't seem able to help herself, let alone the town.

So my total is 20 books. I need to add pages and time now.

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